Month O’Socks day #14

Today is the official halfway point for month o’socks. I am evaluating my progress today and trying to get a handle on my goals. While I had extra knitting time this past week, that will end tomorrow. Progress will now slow down majorly. I think it is reasonable to expect to finish Nick’s socks, the Wanida socks, and the Christmas stocking. I will then be forced to work on the Lissajous stockings, but it will take a small miracle to actually complete them. Not to mention my avoidance due to the possibility of running out of yarn. It will be interesting to see where I stand at the end of month o’socks.

Nicks Wedge socks are coming along swimmingly. I’d like to have them completed and in the mail tomorrow, not sure I can make it, but I’ll try. I finished the toe of the first and am about to start the heel of the second.

Obviously this is where the bulk of the progress has been made.  Meanwhile, though I promised I’d knit a heel flap on the Wanida socks, that didn’t exactly happen. Mostly because I did not have the pattern book with me, and couldn’t figure out the heel flap without it. I thought I could, but I was mistaken. So instead I began the heel flap on the Christmas stocking, but quite frankly, that really is only a few rows long itself.

I did make decent progress on the Lillia Hyrna shawl though, managed to get to the second contrast color section. Already the rows are very long, but I think it will be both stunning and rustic once it is complete.

OK-back at it, I’ve a wedge sock to complete!

3 thoughts on “Month O’Socks day #14

  1. LOL! Just you wait…he’ll be out of his box with violet socks next. And it is Nick approved yarn! Plus….I can’t wait to show you what I did to the toes of these wedge socks….but I have to finish first!

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