The Standard Sock

Yesterday…oh my goodness once in awhile life creates a perfect little storm. Well, probably once a month to be honest. I’ve had quite a bit going on at work this week, a very very large project in particular. Due this week. I meant to show off a sock yesterday, but as I didn’t get a moment to eat or knit until after I put Bug to bed yesterday (and I put her to bed late) there just wasn’t even a moment which I had free to take a picture of it. So, it can be my Friday post, and hopefully I’ll have something more interesting tomorrow.

The standard sock pattern out of some standard opal yarn. Specifically kept at work for long meetings. They go slow for that reason!

On Short Socks

This spring, my absolute favorite pair of casual shoes, ecco brand mary janes in orange and beige, broke. I tried to find the style again, but since I’ve been wearing them for more than 3 yrs now, they are no longer available. As a replacement, I got myself a pair of purple Keens.

I then decided I needed socks to go in the Keens. Short socks. Since I’ve purchased entirely too much opal at a very cheap price, I decided to use that. Now, I can get two pairs of short socks out of one skein of opal. Meaning that the grand total for a pair of socks in this case is less than $4. If you know anything at all about sock knitting, you know this is truly dirt cheap. I chose the ‘Vog on pattern, and have been knitting at work. Slow going, but productive.

On Being an Adult

I’ve got knitting obligations to complete. And I don’t really want to work on them right now. I really want to work on that skirt!

But, I am an adult, and I can complete that which I have committed to. So I began the sleeve for the commission cardigan last evening. I shall show you the start of it to prove it.

Yes, I know, it really isn’t much progress. Knitting this pattern in the round messes with my hands. But, I am working on it, progress was made. I feel pretty good about having started. Previous to the sleeves, my goal was to spend two nights a week working on this project. I think now my goal is to work on this project before I work on anything else, and work on it until my hands ache. That should give me consistent progress.

I also made progress on the Amiga yesterday. I spent two hours on the phone with a friend who has moved away, and knit on the Amiga the entire time. I have about 2 more inches of knitting on the body of the cardigan before I cast off.  I really am trying to be an adult about it all!

Not really how I had planned

I had a pretty good routine planned for this weekend. While I knew it would be busy, I intended to work on 2 projects, spend a little time with my fleece, and spin on Saturday evening.

Friday evening I worked on my amiga cardigan. I got so close to splitting out the sleeves, that come Saturday I couldn’t really stop working on it. I changed my plans, deciding to work on the commission sweater on Sunday, leaving Saturday for more cardigan knitting. On Sunday, I was still knitting on the cardigan.

That is some seriously excellent progress if you ask me. But, of course, by Sunday I was getting a little bored with project monogamy. I was also feeling a little blue about spending a holiday all alone and nowhere near family. I consoled myself, as I often do, with color.

Somewhat poorly thought out knitting idea # 3298 of this year. A knitted skirt. How can I resist with cotton blend noro and color chasing?

In fact, the ONLY thing I did as planned this weekend was spin during my “Date with Dr. Who.”


Seems like we are in a constant state of rain right now. And cold. Not winter cold, but certainly not warm.  And when the sun does come out, it seems I am either at work or off running errands and not enjoying it. I cannot tell you how much my lawn needs to be mowed! Maybe I’ll have that rare opportunity this weekend.

I’ve been fortunate though to have a few FO’s this week, and much to blog about. In keeping with that, I have a few project updates.

I was able to cast off the bottom of the sunburst cardigan commission piece. I now need to start those sleeves and get this finished. The cash from this piece is funding a new industrial strength ball winter. With as much as I knit and spin, I am desperate for it. My poor little plastic ball winder sounds so sad and loud with its stripped gears.

I also started my Amiga cardigan with the dyeabolical cotton slub DK. I was able to get gauge with this yarn, surprisingly. The sweater might be a little floppy, but I think the pattern works well for that. I’ll give a full review later of course, but upon initial investigation and comparison, I like the DK very much. It isn’t as fun to knit with. The slubs are less even. Some are much larger than others. It is, overall, softer. Less tightly spun. And in all honesty, I like the fabric I am creating more with the DK than I did with the original slub. I am finding this color very hard to photograph, but here is the beginning of the yoke of the sweater.

Ruched Tee

So, Bug’s ruched tee knit up kinda fast. Kinda crazy fast. I am still kinda crazy in love with the yarn I cannot get more of too. Bug’s tee only took 1 skein of it. Bug is kinda in love with her tee and refused to take it off even though it was cold yesterday. I think she looks kinda cute.

The yarn, dyeabolical’s cotton slub, original version.

Bug is growing like a weed right now. I should have known, since she eats 6 meals a day. I made the size 8. She only just fits it. I am now officially concerned about the size of the clothing which I ordered online recently.