Observations from my front porch

Spring is the time for spinning. Spinning, and observing what goes on in the neighborhood. The last 2 days have been beautiful, and despite recovering from a cold, I’ve spent a good portion of them spinning on the front porch.

I’ve observed that my neighbor, who had a stroke this winter, seems to be coming home soon. Observed 2 cars in his driveway, and a group of people touring the home. One of the cars was a home health car. It will be good to have him back.

I’ve observed Bug getting far more confident on her bike. She rides all the way to the stop sign now. 🙂

I’ve observed how spinning gradient dyed wool is like an addiction.

240 yards sport/dk weight yarn, navajo plyed to preserve the lack of color repeats.

I’ve observed how once I start spinning in the spring, it is really hard to stop, even to eat.

Bamboo/merino wool of unknown origin. This will be a 3 ply.

And I’ve also observed that my phone, on pandora, station set to Jolie Holland, makes the entire evening even more relaxing.