I alluded to a fun project using dyeabolical’s yarn. Today I get to tell you a little about it.

Last year I knit the sassymetrical cardigan out of dyeabolical’s cotton slub yarn. And then I proceeded to rave over it in this blog post. Right after that, before I’d had a chance to order any more of it, the mill she received the yarn from discontinued the yarn. A great disappointment to me, and I am sure to her.  What is even more sad? I didn’t purchase any more of it due to my attempt to work with stashed yarns.

She then got in some new cotton slub. This one is a dk weight as opposed to the fingering weight yarn the discontinued yarn weighed in at.

Now, along comes the new issue of, and I see Amiga. Immediately I think “Now wouldn’t that be pretty in dyeabolical cotton slub?  The very next day, she runs across the same pattern and tweets about it. Which started a conversation about how I had thought the same thing, and her offer to send me the yarn if I’d knit the sweater and do a comparison.

Well, I can’t tell you how excited I got over such a prospect! She immediately sent out some yarn, and I got it today. Additionally, I am going to do this simultaneously with a project in the discontinued cotton slub, because I’ve another skein I wanted to use for Bug. There may be some challenges, namely the pattern calls for a worsted weight yarn and cotton slub is a dk. There will be swatching involved for sure. But this is a project which is right up my alley!

This is really not the best picture, but it will do for now. The purple is the discontinued cotton slub, and the red is the dk I just received in the mail. I love the red, it is a citrusy pinky red.

But first…I MUST finish the grover sweater and some spinning this weekend. After that, I can wind some yarn and get started.