Two for one.

My goal this weekend was to finish up 4 oz. of spinning. I spun 8 oz. instead. Actually, more, but you won’t see the rest until tomorrow.

The initial project I wanted to finish is a merino/bamboo blend. This was spun into a 3 ply light fingering weight yarn. I ended up with 306 yards.

Then I tore up my fiber cupboard looking for a specific BFL yarn. I never found it. I might have stuck it in a destash bag, I’ll keep looking. But I ran across some very lovely wool/silk batts, and I decided rather than try to make them into my normal, skinny, plied yarn, I’d make some worsted weight singles instead.

I used the slowest setting on my lace whorl for these, and I treadled very slowly. Since this is so out of the box for me, I had a lovely time with them and I love the result.

I think I need to consider more fun batts in my future. Specifically enough for a great project or sweater or something. In fact, if I remembered where I had gotten these, I’d contact that person and get this specific combination again! Or better yet…get myself a drum carder and do it myself!