Two for one.

My goal this weekend was to finish up 4 oz. of spinning. I spun 8 oz. instead. Actually, more, but you won’t see the rest until tomorrow.

The initial project I wanted to finish is a merino/bamboo blend. This was spun into a 3 ply light fingering weight yarn. I ended up with 306 yards.

Then I tore up my fiber cupboard looking for a specific BFL yarn. I never found it. I might have stuck it in a destash bag, I’ll keep looking. But I ran across some very lovely wool/silk batts, and I decided rather than try to make them into my normal, skinny, plied yarn, I’d make some worsted weight singles instead.

I used the slowest setting on my lace whorl for these, and I treadled very slowly. Since this is so out of the box for me, I had a lovely time with them and I love the result.

I think I need to consider more fun batts in my future. Specifically enough for a great project or sweater or something. In fact, if I remembered where I had gotten these, I’d contact that person and get this specific combination again! Or better yet…get myself a drum carder and do it myself!

3 thoughts on “Two for one.

  1. LOL, I’d love a drum carder, but I think that might be a bit farther in my future for now. Perhaps more when I’ve spun most of the dyed tops in my fiber cabinet. Which, quite frankly, are disappearing at an alarming rate these days!

    You too will have such fine handspun. You have the proper tool for it now!

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