Grover Complete

I’ve finally finished the Lavender Jacket, otherwise known as my grover cardigan. This was knit with one strand knitpicks Suri Dream yarn and one strand cascade 220. This is the first time I’ve ever used US size 13 needles. I thought it would go very very quickly. It did not. I also developed a new callous on my finger, because using such large needles makes me hold them in a way that is unfamiliar to my hands.

I had a few issues with the way the pattern was written, I’d suggest reading all the comments before attempting this knit. While it may not have been my favorite knit, and while I was nervous about the resulting sweater being too fuzzy, I can’t say I am disappointed with it over all. It seems to look equally good just thrown on as it does with a shawl pin. It is indeed warm and fuzzy and squishy. Mostly I just wish it would stop shedding! (Of course, I wish I would stop shedding too, but neither thing seems to be happening any time soon.)

The modifications I made were that I did not cast off at the shoulder/neck seams. I chose to 3 needle bind off instead. Additionally, I used the held stitches around the neck to incorporate with the garter stitch collar in order that I did not have to sew.