Not really how I had planned

I had a pretty good routine planned for this weekend. While I knew it would be busy, I intended to work on 2 projects, spend a little time with my fleece, and spin on Saturday evening.

Friday evening I worked on my amiga cardigan. I got so close to splitting out the sleeves, that come Saturday I couldn’t really stop working on it. I changed my plans, deciding to work on the commission sweater on Sunday, leaving Saturday for more cardigan knitting. On Sunday, I was still knitting on the cardigan.

That is some seriously excellent progress if you ask me. But, of course, by Sunday I was getting a little bored with project monogamy. I was also feeling a little blue about spending a holiday all alone and nowhere near family. I consoled myself, as I often do, with color.

Somewhat poorly thought out knitting idea # 3298 of this year. A knitted skirt. How can I resist with cotton blend noro and color chasing?

In fact, the ONLY thing I did as planned this weekend was spin during my “Date with Dr. Who.”

One thought on “Not really how I had planned

  1. Shhh….I have to wait until tonight to have my date with the Doctor. It was recorded and is now waiting for me…..

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