On Being an Adult

I’ve got knitting obligations to complete. And I don’t really want to work on them right now. I really want to work on that skirt!

But, I am an adult, and I can complete that which I have committed to. So I began the sleeve for the commission cardigan last evening. I shall show you the start of it to prove it.

Yes, I know, it really isn’t much progress. Knitting this pattern in the round messes with my hands. But, I am working on it, progress was made. I feel pretty good about having started. Previous to the sleeves, my goal was to spend two nights a week working on this project. I think now my goal is to work on this project before I work on anything else, and work on it until my hands ache. That should give me consistent progress.

I also made progress on the Amiga yesterday. I spent two hours on the phone with a friend who has moved away, and knit on the Amiga the entire time. I have about 2 more inches of knitting on the body of the cardigan before I cast off.  I really am trying to be an adult about it all!