Major Headway!

Oh my goodness, after yesterday’s post about being an adult, and trying to get things done, what I viewed as a predominately negative post, I feel almost silly saying this. The knitting portion of the commissioned sweater is done! Well, done for now, there could be changes if the sweater doesn’t fit. But, I did leave the ends unwoven for easy frogging access.

I actually finished the knitting portion of the commission sweater pretty early on in the evening. So, I immediately switched the needles over to the cotton slub sweater and started on that. I managed 7 out of the required 11 inches of sleeve knitting all in one evening. I actually had to stop because I ran out of balled up yarn, and couldn’t ball up more since Bug was asleep. So then I switched the needles over again and worked a few rows on my skirt. Which I am not going to show you because it looks no different than last time.

What I will show you is WHY I want to be done with the sweaters. Because I want to cast on all this yarn right now!