So, I am sure you want to see what I got my hands on over the weekend. Stuff other than the ball winder!  I had gone with the intention of getting some spinning cotton. I’ve never spun cotton and I thought it would be fun to try. I got 8 oz.

Yes, I am aware of how I should never purchase 8 oz. of anything undyed, due to boredom in spinning. But I did it anyhow. Actually, they didn’t have 4 oz offerings, and I don’t really know how much 8 oz. of cotton will spin into. All in the name of experimentation in my craft. I then found lovely dyed wool, I could have easily purchased 4, but limited myself to 2.

I skipped purchasing at the second store, but at  The Studio, I found some Noro Laceweight. The colors are a huge stretch for me. Way way out of my comfort zone. But, that is half the fun of it!

And that is it! That is all I purchased on my trip, besides food and fun and good times with the girls. I managed to resist a woven messenger bag that was totally calling to me. I still regret that. I will compensate by knitting and felting my own.

On Sunday I was told that one of our local yarn shops was going out of business, so I popped on down there to catch myself a deal. There really wasn’t all that much available in project amounts that I was interested in. I did get some cotton.

This will either be for Bug, or some sort of summer shrug for me. I do not think there is enough for a full tank top for me. But it was all they had of that color.