Stash Dash prep day 1

So, I’ll be participating in Stash Dash 2011, an event starting on May 27 and ending on August 15. The idea is to knit or spin 5 K of yarn from stash during that time period. This is a great idea for me, since it encompasses all my summer knitting, and I’ve got my knitting fairly well planned out right now anyhow. Additionally, there is a cheater rule. I can count the yardage for an entire project if I cast on and work on it before 5/27, IF I finish it before 8/15. What does this mean? This means I need to stop finishing projects.

So instead, I plan to devote my time to projects already on the needles. One of those projects is my Madli shawl. I’d like to finish this in time for my brothers wedding, which means I need to commit to one repeat per day and more on the weekends. I’ve finished the border on this, and am starting the body of the shawl.

The yarn is skaska designs silk/yak laceweight. I picked it up at stitches midwest a few years ago. There are many many nupps in this shawl, but I seem to have maintained the skill from the advent shawl I did in December. The knitting is slow on this one, but I expect with such a short repeat that I’ll get in the groove with it soon enough.

You’ll also see a stash dash button to track my yardage on the sidebar. (Thanks Sparkeespud for the idea, I managed to figure it out after all!)