A Tragedy

Another knitting related tragedy for me, bordering on as large as knitting the wrong sleeve for a sweater incident of 2010.  My Mystery Shawlette, after being worked probably far more than 50% of completion, had to be frogged completely. There is no fixing the fact that I put one of the repeats on the wrong side of the shawl, thus making something quite asymmetrical. I do think I may restart it, but not yet. It was an enjoyable knit, but my blossoming WIP list is quite frankly overwhelming.

So, due to not having that lovely piece to work on, I chose the baby mine sweater instead. Now that I’ve devoted a day to it, it really is coming right long. I’ve got both sleeves done and am a good portion up the body of the sweater now. If I keep at it, it just may be done by the weekend.