Cotton Fine Baby Mine

During the knitting of this particular sweater, I felt that the cotton wasn’t going to make a nice finished product. Especially once I hit the yoke. The yoke was drapey and not looking pretty. I thought perhaps blocking it would help, so I did so. In this case, blocking did not help at all. So I finally felt I had nothing to lose by throwing it in the dryer. Well, that was a grand sucess! Whatever sizing was in the yarn is now gone, the cotton pulled up into a proper looking garter stitch yoke, and in the end I am highly pleased with the result!

I rarely purchase patterns, and I really didn’t want to purchase a baby pattern. But I am glad I did, I can honestly say that I’d knit this sweater over and over through the years! It is a wonderful pattern to have on hand.

I also love that with a cotton yarn, I can know that it will be very easy care.

So what is next? I’ve been working on my messenger bag today, I’ve gotton a good bit of the front flap done. But, the rows are getting a lot longer now. I’ve also been putting in a tiny bit of time on my Madli shawl when I can. There was even spinning this morning, and I hope there will be more tomorrow morning. Working on a 2 ply laceweight means that there will be a lot of spinning before I have a complete yarn. But it will be high yardage. 🙂