Iowa Sheep & Wool Festival 2011

So, I went last year and thought at that time that I wouldn’t go again. But this year a group of us decided to go after all, and I am so glad we did. It really was one of the most fun events all year.

We got there around the time the sheep shearing demo was about to start, so we found a chair and hung out.

This ewe was hanging out too, waiting for her shearing. She was very dirty!


The shearing process, you can see just how dirty she was on the outside. She seemed relieved to be rid of that heavy coat. You’d be surprised just how little they move during shearing.

Bug was given a lock of her fleece, so she will get to process it herself


We also attended the hall of breeds where I took an excellent photo of jacob sheep, my absolute favorite.


This mamma was very protective of her little ones. Aren’t they cute? I’ve been hoping to purchase a jacob sheep fleece for quite some time, and I had the opportunity to do so!

There are creams and browns and blacks all in one fleece. Stunning!

We headed over to the sheepdog trials, which was an event we had not attended last year. The field was a muddy mess, but the dogs seemed to be having a great time anyhow.


Bug got to spend some time at the kids tent. I’ll have to post more about her activities later, but she had a great time learning to felt!

In this picture she is making a keychain.

Having purchased yet another fleece, I decided to come right home and work on my CVM fleece. I am really rocking now, the sheep and wool festival was just the inspiration I needed! I also managed to pick up a couple more tools that make my job much much easier. Which helps with the inspiration. I’ll post more about that tomorrow, since you are lucky to even get this post. I’ve not emailed a soul since I got home and have barely touched the internet, all due to my current fleece obsession. When the muse strikes, you must just go with it!