Madli Stole

My friend Sarah and I often choose to do a shawl together in the summer. We do a lace knit along in general, but she and I often choose the same project. It keeps us motivated. I find it easiest to let her take the lead and I try to keep up. Not because I can’t keep up, but because I am a decidedly non monogamous knitter, and trailing along behind her keeps me motivated to finish, while still being able to work on other projects. She never sets a pace I cannot achieve, so it works out well for us. This time, Sarah finished on Saturday night and I finished on Sunday night. Right on track!

Well, this year there is a big wedding in our family, so for our lace knitting I chose a special yarn that should compliment my dress. It is skaska designs yak/silk blend laceweight. I purchased it at stitches midwest 2009. I have a ton left over, certainly enough for a scarf, perhaps even another shawl.  Thankfully the knitting was done in time for the event.  I added 4 repeats to this shawl. I probably should have added more. But, well, with all those nupps, I was a bit sick of it by the time I finished.

It looks great, filmy and delicate. But I wouldn’t knit it again. I suppose there are a lot more shawls with nupps to explore, but I think I need a nupp break!

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