ICord forever!

So I am finally working on the icord edging on the messenger bag. It goes on and on and on, and yet I know I am going to love the look of it once it is complete. Like piping all around the edge. And it also seems to firm up the bag a bit which I think will be valuable, especially on the handle.

I am getting awfully close to my upcoming vacation. And yet I still haven’t properly planned what I should bring to knit! I am feeling a bit out of sorts about that, but I just cannot seem to choose. I’ll probably bring a pair of socks to finish up, so that I can then leave them with mom, but those will take no time at all. I’ve got multiple projects on the needles and yet I am not sure I feel that any of them are what I’d like to knit while gone. I also don’t want to overpack either. So….I suppose I’ll have to give it more thought over the weekend.

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