Clapotis Part Three

Way back during our last dye day, OrangeKathy dyed up some yarn that I just fell in love with. I’d been wishing to knit another clapotis, and I figured the heavily variegated yarn would work well with that. As I knit, I realized that the colors were probably more Bug appropriate than they were appropriate for me. So, this has become her winter scarf. I must say, I still love the bright colors, and have asked Bug if I could borrow it from time to time, but it is this little girl’s dream scarf.


Guess what? The white sweater is also complete except for buttons. Pictures forthcoming!

2 thoughts on “Clapotis Part Three

  1. The Clapotis is a lot of fun, but be careful of your yarn choice. Anything even remotely feltable will be a real pain to drop stitches with. My first Clapotis was handmaiden mini maiden, single ply wool/silk. Talk about a nightmare! It remains my favorite scarf though, so I don’t complain. I knit it way back in 2007. This one was actually fun due to the yarn being hearty and the drop stitches just zipping right down the scarf.

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