Cloud Chaser Vest

So, I knit the Cloud Chaser vest at least a year after I intended to. I’d been hoarding the yarn in my stash for quite some time. I added a whole bunch of length to the back due to my long torso. Other than that, I knit it pretty much as written. After an initial “I think this looks goofy” moment, I realized it really is quite a wearable garment. So, almost a full week after I finished it, I finally dressed up and had photographs taken.

I worked on this almost exclusively except for spinning at the fleece once in awhile and the Rick socks which I kept at work. This used to be highly unusual for me, but has become more the norm now that my hobbies are expanding again. I do like the rate at which it feels the project draws to completion, but it leaves me often feeling like I need a break because something is going wrong with the project. I am not entirely sure I am making more mistakes than usual, but it feels that way because I have nothing to temper the mistakes with.