A Complete Aranmore

My Starmore sweater, which has been on the needles for more than a year, is finally complete. The yarn is Blackwater Abbey Worsted.

First the sweater, then the discussion:

I will not kid myself into thinking that the beauty of the knitting is all me. It is due in part to the yarn. The yarn is made to highlight cables, and it does. It is not overly soft, but perfectly wearable with a turtleneck.

Now for my big grumble about Starmore patterns in the Aran Knitting book. You see, you knit the sleeves and the shoulders and then leave live stitches to pick up for the collar. This provides stunningly little stability once the sweater is complete. I have knit 3 Starmore sweaters now, one of which I still have from 2007. It is droopy.  So, when I put this one on, I was immediately disappointed with the wideness of the collar. I ended up making a stip stitch crochet stabilizing line on the back side of the collar, which seems to have helped. I think that in the future, I will just cast off those stitches and pick them up when knitting the collar. That will save me some trouble!

But, I am happy. I am happy to have this lovely sweater, and happy to be wearing something so warm. Not too much complaint from me!!!

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