I’ve seen them around the blogosphere, and wanted to knit them. Mittens of pure silk made out of silk hankies. No spinning required. I love the rustic look of them, the unexpected way the colors play on each other, and I just knew they’d be softer than anything imaginable. So I finally got myself some silk hankies and gave it a try. It took a couple rounds to get the proper amount of drafting, but once I did I moved right along.

Silk hankie, and one pulled out into what resembles yarn

The silk hankies stacked together along with my mitten in progress.

The biggest difficulty is keeping winter hands soft enough to work with silk. It just wants to stick to everything! Much exfoliation required. I do have a finished mitten though, a wonderful, soft, finished mitten! I stayed up a little late to work on it.

So, my goals for the holiday and how they stacked up to reality:

Complete the spinning of the fleece

Finish drum carding the pink merino/silk blend (Drum carder issues.)

Repair two of Bug’s sweaters

Wash the Jacob Fleece (half done)

Start stocking #9 (will start at work today)

Make a few mini stockings for gifts and our tree

Knit on test knit

Knit on gloves/mitten combo (Didn’t even make it to the shop to purchase yarn for this project)

However, I also started a new project, a handspun citron shawl, attended 2 hockey games, saw Arthur Christmas, spent time with friends, moved furniture, decorated the tree, and put up Christmas Decorations. I think I’d call it good even so!

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