Catching up

Or getting you all caught up.

On Wednesday evening last week, I came home to a computer that wouldn’t start properly. However, I had a busy enough week planned that I knew I would not get an opportunity to bring it in for service until Saturday. Thus, even though I had a few things to blog about, I could not do so easily with my computer on the fritz. And, quite frankly, I had some decent bike riding planned (more on that in the next post) and had no interest in changing plans to get a computer fixed. So while I took pictures of completed projects, I had to save them for later.

I took a better picture of the all ears hats before they were sent to their recipients.

The pink one is yarn which I dyed, and the blue one is dream in color classy in beach fog. These were done from leftovers in my leftover box. I always feel like I am getting something for nothing when I can dive into the leftovers box!

I also finished another Christmas Stocking. This one is #9 I believe. I have 4 more to complete at some point next year, but I think I am done for the season!

I am very close to finishing a Citron shawl out of handspun, so I should have another finished object soon. Which is fantastic since it also means I can start something new!