A Little Stash Acquisition

By the time the year ends, I will have knit over 18 miles of yarn in one year. This makes me feel validated in just a bit of stash acquisition, especially since I have been very very careful to not purchase yarn this year unless it was something that would be knit immediately. My friend Sarah found a way to drag me to the yarn shop, and some yarn in the sale bin which I had been resisting for a long while decided to come home with me. After all, obviously no one else wanted it!  It is my favorite sock yarn, koigu.

Resistance was futile.

I also picked up some Noro Kureyon Sock, fell in love with the colors and I still haven’t managed to knit socks with any kureyon sock I’ve had in stash!  Oddly, on comparison, it seems the above yarn and the below yarn have quite a few color tones in common. Must be my next color phase rearing its head.

And finally, in a trade with Sarah, where I was required to add the fringe to a beard hat she had knit for her husband, I received 2 skeins of Regia sock which has these wonderful small stripes I fell in love with!

And there you have it! I can assure you I have knit a lot more than I’ve acquired this year which is very exciting. It used to be that I’d acquire just a bit less than I’ve knit, but this year was different. Felt good! I love having a large stash, when I am feeling uninspired, just sifting through it gets the creative juices flowing. But even better is having it all documented on Ravelry, so that when I see something I want to knit, I can easily cross reference it with what I have in my stash and pick something out. Good fun!