A Beginning

I’ve decided to work on a cardigan during my holiday break. I had these high hopes for working on the Vine Yoke cardigan, but in the end there were just so many issues with the pattern that I became too anxious about it, and never started. I needed another pattern for worsted weight yarn, so I took a gander through my favorites, and realized that Girl Friday has been sitting in there for a long time, but never was knit. There were a few others too, but since I am working on this as a knit along with Ummeyusuf, (as I often am!) I needed her approval too. Girl Friday suited us both.

The yarn is Berrocco Lustra which I purchased some time ago at Stitches Midwest, for the Spartan Sweater that turned out to be quite a disaster. It has been frogged twice, and since it is a single ply yarn, it is a little worse for wear. However, I cannot see sitting on it in my stash or throwing it out, so I’ll give it a try anyhow.

I started this Thursday evening. For the first time I am making a seamed cardigan into a full piece to avoid seaming later. It seems an easy one to do that with, so I am not too worried about messing it up. I feel like I have made a massive amount of progress in just 2 evenings, and I am sure in part this is because I am enjoying the pattern so very much. A little lace patterning always does great things for my attitude toward a knit. I may, in the end, need to purchase additional yarn as the Spartan sweater did not require very much in the way of yardage, and I would like for this knit to be nice and long. Thankfully our local yarn shop carries the yarn and has a post holiday sale going on shortly. This, of course, means I am going to have to really work hard on the sweater in order to know how much extra I will need before the sale is over!