Girl Friday Progress

On a lighter, more knitterly note, I have some progress on Girl Friday to show off! I basically gave myself an introverted new year’s day, and spent it completing the body of the sweater. I did begin the sleeves as well, and I am going to knit them two at a time, but there isn’t really enough to show.

As I mentioned, I am doing this one as a KAL with Ummeyusuf, and I can see that while we have picked very different yarn colors, our progress looks very much the same. I am, quite frankly, a little nervous about my yarn amounts which only makes me want to knit faster to see if I do actually have a problem in that department. (I truly believe I will be purchasing more yarn, truly.

I also had the opportunity to put in a little time on my Girasole shawl, and have completed chart C. Not much doll knitting yesterday as I decided the blanket I am working on needs another color, so we will have to wander off to a yarn shop today for that. I am sad that my last day of holiday vacation is today and already seems to be flying by! Hoping to get a bit of spinning in this afternoon.