Julie’s blanket

Seeing as our new member of the family, Julie, is a 1970’s gal, and seeing as she has been cold at night without her very own blanket, what’s a gal to do but design a Missoni inspired blanket for her?

Here she shows it off. Yarn is Lion Brand Cotton-ease. I knit it on size 9 needles. There were an insane amount of ends to weave in, but I think it was worth it! I absolutely adore the end product. Bug is pleased too, Julie now sleeps with her blanket every night.

Speaking of Julie, and her ever increasing wardrobe, my boss and her daughter dropped by this week with a package for Bug. It was another outfit for Julie. This is one of the American Girl Doll outfits. It is so very sweet, and if I could find it in my size, I’d have the outfit too.

Yes, the Julie obsession is still going strong.