The Spinning

I’ve been working on a project for a good long time. I had some Merino in a color I didn’t like and I had some tussah silk in a color I didn’t like. Once blended with my drum carder though, the fibers combined looked fantastic.     Once I began to spin it though, I decided it needed to be plyed with the rest of the tussah silk. I’d never spun 100%  silk before, only silk blends. Actually, I found learning to spin was easiest with silk blends. With that knowledge, it is no surprise that I loved spinning the 100% silk as well. It felt like it just spun so quickly!

The merino silk batts were spun long draw, they are light and airy and fluffy. Plying them with the silk just made this ultra soft yarn. I ended up with 700 yards of 2 ply fingeringweight yarn.

With the leftover merino/silk singles, I plyed them together. I have 185 yards of that, but I feel like that yarn is so light it may be mostly useless. That would be the darker skein  you see in the picture.

A very very successful first completed spinning project of the year. I am very much looking forward to knitting with this yarn!