Epic Project 2012

I’ve spent 2 weekends in a row hard at work dyeing the yarn for my epic project 2012. I am currently done, but waiting for a few skeins to finish drying. The picture I have today is last weekend’s progress.

These are wool/silk blend yarns, and kettle dyed using landscape dyes.

How do I feel about the results? Let’s work from left to right.

The yellow, it is a lighter skein, less yarn, so it took less dye. One trip through the kettle and it sucked up the yellow beautifully. Very pleased with that one.

The beige took two trips to get the color I was looking for. I am substituting beige for the ivory called for in the pattern. I just wanted a richer look.

Next up, dark green. I am not done with this skein, I am hoping for a darker color. It gets a second trip through the dye pot.

The blue is the same as the green, it is just not finished yet.

The gray, well, this one was quite a challenge. 3 trips through the dye pot and all the gray I owned to get that light color. However, I think it is ok as it is. Which is good, I have no interest in ordering more gray.

The pattern calls for light turquoise. I tried a minty green to begin with. It just didn’t strike as I’d like, very uneven and far too light. I debated if I’d find a light turquoise dye to purchase, but in the end I just didn’t care to buy more so I went with a turquoise I had. It is a good color, but quite saturated. I don’t really know if I’d call it “light” but it is pretty.

The burgundy. Well,  I don’t like it one bit. I was hoping for a more purple color, and made this mistake. So, this one is going to get some sort of over dye and then it will be set aside for something else. I’ll dye another skein in purple.

Hopefully this week I’ll have the final dyeing pictures up. No clue when I’ll get started on this project, but I am looking forward to it!