Month O’Socks

I know, I have barely mentioned it. Did you know it started January 15th this year? Did you know that this is our 4th annual Month O’Socks? Well, I have not been inspired about knitting socks for quite some time. I’ve had 2 pairs on the needles but barely touched them for ages. I didn’t even really want to knit socks for Month O’Socks. But, Mom tells me that another pair of hers have developed a hole, so it is time.

Mom sometimes laments that all the socks I knit her are brightly colored. This is because knitting brightly colored socks is less boring for me. Makes sense to me! But, I needed something else to do this month. So I took some white yarn I had in stash and started working a pair of Vintage Socks. My intention is to then dye them all one solid dark color, so she has what  she truly wants.

Thankfully, the socks are knitting up super fast, and I am loving the feel of the yarn. I almost don’t WANT to dye them. While I am a bit further than this now, this is yesterday’s progress.

I’ll try to get another progress picture tonight so you can see the patterning!

4 thoughts on “Month O’Socks

  1. Month O’Socks is something a few of us friends have been doing for awhile. This is the 4th year. Since sock yarn doesn’t count as stash, we all have way too much of it! Month O’Socks runs, this year, from Jan 15 to Feb 14. The idea is to knit socks, or knit with sock yarn, or….well…you kinda get to make up your own rules. I think legwarmers and christmas stockings are currently on the approved list. If you can justify it somehow, you can knit it during MOS. If you are interested, on Rav, go here:

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