Girl Friday Sweater

So, here is a little break from the month o’socks posts. I finished my Girl Friday sweater finally!

This is the Girl Friday pattern from The yarn is Berrocco Lustra. I purchased the yarn at Stitches Midwest a couple of years ago. I tried to make it into a Spartan Sweater, but it failed so miserably that I tore it all out. After an initial failed attempt at a Vine Yoke Cardigan, I finally settled on this yarn to do my KAL with Ummeyusuf. In the end, I think we picked a fantastic pattern. The sweater is probably one of the most professional looking ones I’ve ever made, I think that is in part the pattern, and the yarn being interesting looking. The sleeves are slightly tight, but that seems to only add to its more tailored look.

I did have an initial yarn emergency. I used all the yarn I had, running out a few rows before completing the collar. While I was tempted to just cast off and go with it, I knew that I needed, truly, more yarn. I looked for the color at our local yarn shop, but they were out. I looked for the color online at the shop I originally purchased the yarn from, but they were backordered. So, I then looked on the Ravelry yarn page, looking for someone who had it for trade or sale. In the end, I came across someone local to me (whom I’d never even met before) who had it and was willing to part with it. I was able to pick it up, saving on shipping, and finally finish this sweater.

I suppose we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. I must admit, with me doing a lot less knitting, MOS is far less productive than it has been in past years!