On the mend

I seem to be on the mend now, feeling a bit better and able to add more to my routine. Boy did this cold bring me down! Still struggling with not quite wanting to do much more than lay around on the couch though.

I find that if I am stuck home with the sick, rather than using it as an opportunity to knit the things currently on the needles, I am either too sick to knit, or want to knit something completely different. Since my knitting time is currently so precious and since I have two very specific projects I want to complete during Month O’Socks, I have refrained from casting on anything new. It did mean though that I have done a lot more reading than I have done knitting between naps.

In any case, I’ve finished one tube for the crazy fronkenshteek socks, and have started the second. Maybe I can find time this weekend to manage to start the process of steeking and assembling these things!