Alpaca Spinning

I don’t do much spinning of alpaca, it isn’t my favorite fiber to spin. However, my friend Sparkeespud proposed a trade I couldn’t resist. She had some natural brown alpaca fiber she wanted spun into a sport weight yarn to match some lighter colored yarn she already had. With this, her intent is to make a colorwork hat.

So, I took the 3 oz. of beautiful brown alpaca fiber and did just that. 166 yards.  To be frank, I was a bit concerned as to how the fiber was going to spin. I spun it using a modified long draw, as quite a few of the fibers were quite short. It looked very uneven during the spinning. Once I plyed, it looked a bit better, but after a harsh wash and finishing, I think it evened up quite nicely.  There is still a fair bit of VM left in it, even though during both the spinning and the plying I was covered in straw. It also shed quite a bit, little alpaca hairs in my sink, on my hands, down the drain, etc. I am hoping, however, that I got the worst of them and that the yarn won’t shed too much once knit.

You really can’t go wrong with a chocolate brown like that! Colors in nature being sometimes more beautiful than what we can create.

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