Fronkenshteek Socks

Or, knitting parlor tricks. Or, the most insane socks I’ve ever knit. Or, the most insane ITEM I’ve ever knit.

I’ve been making great progress on these lately. Partly due to Month O’Socks, and partly due to having finished each piece and wanting to get them assembled and completed. I did, after all, start them way back in July!

Now that I am on to the assembly portion, I am finding them to be a wonderful and interesting knit. I keep wanting to continue on them late into the evening. However, with darkness, poor lighting, and dark yarn, they are a little rough on the eyes. And they are very fiddly.

So, I did take some snap shots and have some explanations to go with them.

These are all the sock body parts complete but not steeked.

I decided to start with the toes. This bundle here is the toes and the heels. All knit as one. Two toes, two heels, one package. Amazing. So I had to cut it.

Now I actually do have toes and heels. So the first step is to attach the toes to the bottom tubes.

Which I did. I used a hot pink yarn as my stitching yarn, since it matches pretty well and why not go wild in color when making crazy socks?  Of note is the fact that my tubes are way too long. I probably should have started steeking and assembly before knitting the tubes so I had a better idea of how long the tubes should be knit. The “ace bandage” portion of the foot takes up a lot of space on the foot of the sock, and so I’ve knit the bottom tubes at least two inches too long. I’ll need to frog. Luckily, with the provisional cast on, I can do that. Now, I’d consider giving these away, but with all the sewing and steeking, I am not sure how hard wearing they will be, and better to allow myself to wear them around the house and let them develop holes than giving them away and it happening to someone else, much to their disappointment.

I’d have more pictures, but my camera ran out of battery last night. I need to get more and then I’ll have a few more pictures (and hopefully completed socks) this weekend. My progress last night included steeking the ace bandage portion of the socks, and sewing in the heels. The next step will be to pull out all my spare needles and start putting provisional cast ons back on needles in order to work the rest of the sock. I have one more steek to cut as well.

This has been more fun than I can even explain! I mean, who knits a sock JUST to do it? In fact, I find myself wanting to knit more of Tsarina’s sock designs simply for the challenge of it all!