Almost there!

We’ve had a big ol’ snowstorm here! Wet heavy snow that canceled all my plans today. Since I had intended to be out all day, and not get any knitting done, I was almost appreciative of the fact that I could now have a day to work on my fronkenshteek socks. I  must say, these days it takes a forced day in to get me to stay in. Sometimes I am surprised knitting gets done at all!

These socks have certainly been a lesson in patience and a labor of fascination. I wouldn’t quite call it love. Maybe obsession, intrigue, but not quite love. I won’t knit them again, but I am thrilled that I am knitting them. Or, as was the case today, unknitting, sewing, etc. I did a lot of pulling out of provisional cast on and picking up stitches, rearranging, etc. A little steeking, not much. But, I did photograph most of my journey.


First order of business today was to pick apart the cuffs that were knit at the same time. One long cuff becomes two.

Then on to the legs of the socks.

Both legs knit in one long tube, my job today is to steek the tube and then seam them into two tubes.


A few snips and I’ve got two legs.

Once seamed, I kitchener the cuffs to the tubes, giving me the leg of the sock.

This is where I left off, because the next part of the sock creation looks very complicated, and I am worn out! I did actually do one other task, which was ripping out two inches on each foot so that I am ready for the final steps of assembly. I decided that this evening I should work on something else entirely!

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