A Story

Of Bug and the doll bed.

Julie, being the most spoiled doll in the universe, was in want of a bed. Bug seemed to realize the Julie specific bed was just going to be too costly for our budgets, and didn’t seem to mind. My parents agreed to find a hand crafted bed instead. After much deliberation, my parents settled on a bunk bed which is just gorgeous, and should live through a good deal of play. Bug and I came home to a flat package. Bug read the description and basically had it all figured out before we could even get my parents on Skype.

We were skyping with my parents while she opened the gift, and as soon as she saw the directions for putting the bed together, she was very interested in them. I warned her not to lose them because I would need them to put the bed together. I am pretty sure mom made some comment about how she was probably looking at them and figuring it out. When I went to put the bed together, I organized all the pieces and then tried to screw the first piece into the second piece, but it just wouldn’t work. At all. I tried the other side, but I was positive something was wrong, and I warned her that we might have to get help to put it together. After some frustration and me giving up she said “Mom, I just think you need to turn that one piece around, you just have it backward.

I got shown up by a 7 yr old. I should probably get used to it.

It really is a lovely bed!

In other Julie news, I’ve finished a skirt and an apron for her, and I am about halfway done with the blouse. It really is some of the prettiest items I’ve created for her yet, and very time intensive. The results are stunning! I can’t wait to show them off, though I really should be working on the sample knitting instead.