As good as it gets…

So, it wasn’t so long ago that I featured these socks. Well, Mom said that if the dye pot was still out, I was to throw them back in. The majority of issue was on the inside of the sock, as well as in the ribbed areas. So I turned the socks inside out, and threw them back in the dye pot.

The result is more even, and certainly darker. However, the rib area still lacks dye. I really don’t think there is much I can do about that, unless I had a set of plastic sock blockers. Which I don’t, and see little reason for investing in them. So, this is the final product. They still look cool though, I am not displeased with them. It does make me think twice before dyeing an entire sweater though, at least with the equipment I currently own.

Black Magic Woman

Last spring I decided I just must learn to spin long draw. In fact, it was the real reason behind deciding to process my own fleece. I struggled with it, but I just felt it was a skill I should learn. Who knew that in less than a year I’d barely ever spin another way.


This is Enchanted Knoll Farm’s merino in Black Magic Woman. Spun long draw, a little thicker than usual. This is a 2 ply. It is light and fluffy, wonderful and subtle. I am very pleased. I have about 245 yards. Which means either there is a ton of air in there, or that was a very generous 4 oz.! This is out of my stash before I even set it down, as I spun it as a pay it forward gift. I think my next spinning will be exclusively for me!