Another WIP

I am not yet ready to show you the shawl I’ve been working on. It is not quite off the needles, though I have just one row and a bind off to finish. It would be pointless to show you another in progress picture because it really doesn’t look any different than it did yesterday. So, instead I can show you a picture of the socks I’ve been working on for my mom. During Month O’Socks, I made the white then dyed brown pair. Since mom has grown to love her bright socks, I looked around for what might be the most garish sock yarn I possessed, so that this year I can make sure she has socks from both ends of the spectrum. To be fair, I didn’t pick this color. I lucked out on a work horse sock yarn destash, grab bags of 5 skeins for a super cheap price, and I believe I purchased 3 grab bags. Out of all 15 skeins, I only have 2 skeins left to knit. So, I think it was a pretty decent purchase. That is, IF you were to ignore my huge yarn stash. I have a soft place in my heart for stripes, another one for work horse yarns, and yet another for a good deal on yarn, so those grab bags were basically irresistible to me. This particular yarn is Opal’s Mexiko. It is bright! The pattern is my go to pattern for socks for mom, the Vintage Socks gentleman’s plain winter socks seem to fit her perfectly, and she likes the dutch heel. I’d like to get these done by the end of March, since she will be in town and I can hand them off without having to pay for postage.

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