Iris-Goddess of Rainbow Shawl

So-this is my second sample project for dyeabolical yarns. To be honest, it probably isn’t a shawl pattern I would have picked on my own, but it is designed to show off the hand painted yarn, and it is very effective in doing so.

It starts with a little bit of a lacy border at the top, then moves right into linen stitch. The only other time I’ve done linen stitch is for the Rock and Weave socks. I enjoyed it then, and I enjoy it now. I keep thinking a scarf of this pattern would be fabulous, but I never get around to it. The shawl then moves into a drop stitch pattern that I was already familiar with, having used it for the waves on the Creatures of the Reef shawl. (Gosh that was a long time ago!) The next stitch pattern was this drop stitch cross over pattern, which was completely new to me. I enjoy learning new things, but these were quite a challenge, and forced me to play knit doctor regularly, dropping 2 or 3 stitches about 3 rows down in order to get the stitches to cross, but not cross each other. It was not exactly simple. But the effect is very interesting. There were a couple options for the final stitch pattern and bind off, I chose the lacy loops. I was worried about having enough yarn, but I just made it with what I had. I didn’t have to do any backtracking or fudging with the pattern to make it work.

I finished last evening, and thought about waiting to block it. But, in the end, (and despite the pain in my knees from my run that afternoon) I decided to just get it over with. It blocked out quite a bit bigger than I expected it to. I am amazed that, even having knit lace since 2007, I am still surprised at blocking. I figured that the linen stitch would be a bit tighter than normal lace work, and wouldn’t stretch as much. That was not at all the case. One more transformation complete!


And, I felt the need to show you that I was, indeed, cutting it a bit close in the yarn department. This is all I had left over. I’ve seen closer calls than this, but it sure made me nervous!