Random Socks

I must admit, once the shawl was done, I became very eager to finish up my first Skew sock.  I was left with only the short rows and the cuff to do, so after bringing it in to work, it was close to complete. Now, I must explain last evening to you, it was one of those nights that was particularly mild for February, and it was full of thunderstorms. This made me both happy and antsy, and I found that once I completed the skew sock, I wanted an entirely new project. So, I sat down with my tea, and whipped up a mini sock in white. Mom has been asking for one of these for her Christmas tree for quite some time, but I never have white yarn to make it with. I had just enough scraps to make one, and even managed to get it soaked and blocked last evening. Thus, today, I have two random socks without mates.


In other news, the mini sock was not enough for my case of castonitis, so I began a neck gaiter in Jojoland Rhythm. I’ll consider this a quick project I can use for one of my pay it forward 2012 gifts.