Is it a Cowl or a Gaiter?

So, I’ve managed to complete quite a few of my pay it forward 2012 projects so far. Sadly, my ability to get them into the mail seems to be a bit lacking. However, I do plan to fix that shortly. After the sample shawl was complete I decided I could squeeze in one more pay it forward project before the yarn comes in for my next commission project. (Really, is that all I do these days? Feels like it!) My friend Sandy gave me some yarn recently, she was moving and we all know how that causes us to truly evaluate what yarn we have in our¬†possession. There was this interesting ball of jojoland rhythm, and I couldn’t resist knitting it up to see what it looked like. I’ve used jojoland’s harmony and melody before, but never their worsted weight option. I was not surprised when it looked more like handspun yarn than anything else, but I was surprised at the predominance of yellow in it.

The pattern is The Guy Next Door cowl, which really looks more like a neck gaiter to me. Since it is not for a guy, I decided to add yarn overs to it for a lacier look, though I don’t know that it really looks lacy. This project was an awfully quick knit. I started it on a Monday evening, worked on it mostly during my work breaks, and was done by Wednesday excluding the blocking. This leaves only 6 more pay it forward projects for 2012.