Traveling Scarf

Sorry to leave you hanging like that….but something exciting arrived in the mail yesterday. One of our Sporum members has a friend whose teen daughter was involved in a terrible accident, the result of which was losing a leg. It sounds like this young woman has an amazing outlook on life, and we were asked if we could participate in a special project for her. So, yesterday I found the beginning of a scarf in my mailbox from New Orleans. I get to add my portion in a different color yarn, and send it on to the next participant. A traveling scarf for an amazing young woman. I know that by the time this scarf is done it will have been here, Canada, and Georgia. Perhaps there will be more stops as well.

I’ve got my yarn picked out, and am eager to get it done. Hopefully it will only take a day so I can move it on to the next gal in this area quickly!