Mean Green

It may be a few days early, but I’ve got a very green project  to show off. A good friend of mine moved recently, and so handed off some of her stash to me. I feel so privileged to have been thought of! She used to dye some yarn and fiber, and her colorways were so bright and vibrant. She has since given up that endeavor and moved on to different things, but I happen to possess some of the last fiber she dyed. I thought the vibrant green to be a great project for this time of year, so I immediately pulled that out and started. I believe the fiber to be a merino, I am not sure if it is superwash or not. Doesn’t really feel like it. It is nice and bouncy. So I spun this into a 2 ply, and love how the different colors of green really tone down the most vibrant green color. This has quickly been claimed by another friend and will be traded for sitting services in the future. 350 yards, sport to dk weight yarn. Very soft and squishy. And hard to photograph. I mean, it is so bright!