Skew Socks

I decided that the commission piece has to come to work with me. I am just not inspired enough to work on it at home. I don’t have time, life is busy, and when I do sit down with a little time, it isn’t really what I want to work on. I had these great hopes that I would finish it this weekend, but cycling took priority and I couldn’t be bothered. At least with it at work, it will get a consistent 4 hours of work per week, especially since I am unlikely to try to work on anything else during that time.

What I did work on this weekend was my skew socks. I found that they were the portable and easy project I needed while I was hanging out with friends, and the moved along so quickly that before I knew what hit me, I realized it was time to bind off! I love the fit on these, they feel fantastic. These are certainly going to go on my easy portable sock list, since they are actually something I’d wear with consistency. And yes, I did wear them to work today despite the warm weather. I still think wool socks, even in the summer, are the best. You may already have noticed, but they don’t match. Yarn is noro kureyon sock, and while I probably could have tried to make them match better, I wasn’t inclined to worry over it very much.

3 thoughts on “Skew Socks

  1. ooh your Skew socks look fantastic. that pattern has been on my list for a while now but I haven’t cast on yet… I generally knit socks at work and they have to be super, super basic ones I can do without having to pay much attention. was it easy to keep track of where you were, even when out with friends? if so, maybe I’ll jump in and try it!

  2. They were much easier than I imagined they would be. I’d say start the toe at home, and once you get the hang of it take them to work. The line by line instructions are easy to follow and they can be crossed off as you go along. I had no issue taking them out to restaurants and gabbing with girlfriends the entire weekend.

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