Completed Tshirt Project

You may remember that I was cutting up tshirts awhile back. Well, I finally got a good start on my project, which you actually may have seen over the weekend. Well, over the weekend I decided that my tshirts project shouldn’t have a ton of plain white tshirts, and I got to work dyeing them.

Had some good fun with that and was able to finish off my rug on Sunday evening. It was a ruffly mess, and I was worried it wouldn’t block out. There is also the problem of trying to block something that large and heavy. So I put it out on the porch, subjected it to the garden hose, and stepped on it until it was roughly the shape I thought it should be. Now I am ready to take bets on how long it will take for it to dry!

In the end, I am pretty happy with my result. I think I will be doing another of these, but with sock yarn scraps rather than cut up tshirts. I enjoy the colors and I enjoy that it just doesn’t matter in the least what colors are added.

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