Another day another blog post

I’ve been asked to teach a steeking class at a knitting retreat in June. This is very exciting to me because I am flattered that there are people out there who value my knowledge enough to want to listen to me. Also, retreat! ┬áThe piece we will be using is a coffee cup cozy and I figured I had better get one done in order to know what it is I am teaching. I wanted to work through the pattern at least one time before I actually teach the class. Thankfully, the retreat organizer was able to send me the yarn that will be used during the retreat so I could get a good handle on the gauge and so on. I started it during my work breaks and it only took a week to get it to this point. However, it is not done yet, it needs to be steeked and finished. Which I decided I’d rather do at home during some quiet time.

I, being the person who doesn’t pay attention, switched the two green colors. It should have been done opposite of what I did. Maybe next project. I realized it too far in to change. It is still kinda pretty.