Saga of the Baby Sweater

To say I have been rather uninspired knitting wise would be an understatement. I’ve been busy biking, and when not biking, I want to crochet. At some point last weekend I realized I had exactly a week to start and finish and wash and block a baby sweater. This was a little stressful, but I knit fast so the only real issue would be not riding my bike often enough to complete it.

I completed the sweater Friday night, and blocked it. This morning we took Bug on a bike ride, then went out for breakfast. While there, I got a phone call saying “The baby shower has been canceled on account of the baby deciding to make an appearance today.” ┬áSo all that quick work was not entirely necessary. However, I still think this lovely striped sweater will be fun to hand over to the new owner.

The sweater pattern is Little Coffee Bean cardigan. I used 3 colors instead of 2, all cascade 220 that I happened to have in my stash. I’ve decided to do another along the same theme, because I think the colors are just that stunning together.