I haven’t any proper project photographs but there have been activities. Last evening I spent the evening spinning on my porch with two spindle spinners. Despite the fact that my porch is lethal for spindles, we had a very relaxing evening. I snapped a quick shot of my friend sparkeespud in action as it is such a novelty to see a spindle in my life.

On memorial day we had an extremely relaxing day hanging out in the sprinkler catching some much needed sun. Bug was dropped off by her dad with a lovely face painting so I took the opportunity to snap a picture of it, as well as a few others that made the day memorable.

And finally, the past few weeks have been less about crafting and biking and a whole lot more about cooking and eating. Perhaps this is, in part, an attempt to find balance? All I can really say about that at this point is that I really should be taking more food pictures!

I had to use up some strawberries yesterday as they were going bad too quickly, so Bug and I had strawberry shortcake on the porch. A fine summer treat.