Little Coffee Bean Cardigan


I knit a second baby cardigan for a friend of mine who is both moving away and having a baby girl later this summer. We are very excited for her, and we will also miss her so much. While this wasn’t the sweater I originally considered making for her, after the first sweater I just had to do another in a similar color scheme.

I knit this one in the 6 month size, and left it short sleeved. I changed the color of the ribbing, and then rather than using a beige yarn for one of the stripes, I used a silvery gray. This changed the tone of the sweater to my eyes from warm to cool even though the difference is subtle.

I didn’t get much crafting done last evening except for adding the buttons to this sweater. ┬áThis new lifestyle of mine really does cut into my crafting time. And as much as I talk about that here, I am NOT complaining!