Baby Shower Our Way

For the last 7 years or so, a group of us girls have been getting together regularly to sit, chat, and knit. A good portion of that time has been spent at our downtown local wine bar and deli. We have spent many many hours there knitting, eating cheese and hot grills, drinking wine, and establishing solid lifetime friendships. It has been a very good few years. So, what more befitting way to send of one of our own to a new state than to host her baby shower among the bottles of wine?


Of course, we could not wait for gifts. They had to be opened immediately. This will be one very well dressed baby, and warm as well!


Just a quick note about the green and black hat and booties. They were knit by my friend Mary, but that is yarn I spun in 2007 or early 2008. SUCH fun to see them knit into something!


While we are missing a few members, here we are all together!