Another Cozy Cozy

The first cozy out of peace fleece was a little on the large side, and even though it was super pretty and well done, I wasn’t happy with it. After some discussion with the organizer of the retreat, we decided to use a different yarn. The yarn I used for this cozy is cascade 220m which is not what we will be using on the retreat, but it is close enough to get a good idea of how the new yarn will fit. And it fits perfectly!



Honestly and truly, if you want to practice steeking, this is the project to do it with. I whipped up this cozy in one evening. The colors are great fun to choose and should be something you can just pull out of your worsted weight scrap bin. You’ll be amazed at just how little of each color this project actually takes. I am considering another one in ’70s colors.

In other crafty news, I’ve started the second sleeve of the brown fleece handspun sweater that seems to be taking me forever and a day to knit. The key seemed to be bringing the entire project in to work to knit during lunch break. Hopefully I’ll be onto the collar in no time, because at least then I’ll be knitting something interesting again. I am in the black hole of double moss stitch right now.

In other general news, Warrior Dash is tomorrow. Expect muddy pictures. I am ridiculously excited and not nervous about anything except the actual thought of getting to the event with enough time to hand in waivers and pick up packets.